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I certainly understand and respect those that are afraid of guns and uncomfortable around them. But it is a fact of life, there is crime everywhere, from the smallest safest towns to the big bad cities, and criminals have much easier access to weapons than law-abiding citizens. And if it ever comes down to a case of me or them, I want a fighting chance.
My dad was a police officer when I was growing up, he taught me from an early age gun safety and how to shoot. Hubs and I have many guns, and go to the range often, I've never felt afraid being around guns. The fact that my hub is away for months at a time, and I sometimes travel alone, it is a comfort to me that I am armed and capable of protecting myself. We have an alarm system but that wouldn't stop anyone determined to get in and cause harm.
That said, last night was AWESOME!!! We went out for a nice dinner then on to the gun range, it was more fun than I could have imagined shooting the machine gun. It was a fully automatic, and I was shooting in short bursts getting comfortable with it, then I heard hubs say "rip it!" LOL! All in all, it was quite the rush! I was so hyped afterwards, it took me awhile to settle down once we got home, lol!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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