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I think I'm going to run out and pick up that Martha Stewart trimmer... I have the cheap Fiskars with the fold out bar- but the fold out orange bar doesn't have measurement markings on IT- so it is hard to do exact cuts... but I have liked my Fiskars trimmer lots-

I also ended up getting a big American Crafts rotary trimmer. Which appeared to be the answer to all my paper trimming needs... a huge flat bed with perfect measurement markings, everything-

But then I can't figure out if it just doesn't work or if I don't know how to make it work. And it shouldn't be complicated to use a paper trimmer to trim paper correct, should it?! Every single time I use the American Crafts rotary trimmer, it cuts in a NOT STRAIGHT LINE WHATSOEVER- it'll seem to be fine but then towards the end, the blade goes all wonky. I can't figure it out. For a second, I thought IS IT A WAVY BLADE MEANT TO CUT A WAVE?! No- it isn't. And it isn't a PATTERN- it just goes straight for a bit then curves.

Ohhh paper trimmers....will I ever find my perfect match? There should be a paper trimmer hook up website. Kinda like but it matches you with your paper trimmer soul mate.


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