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  • Ms_Pebbles Said:
Hey Gi! Happy to see you over here! I will answer for you in PURPLE.
  • GIGIGI30 Said:
Hi there!

Let me see if I understood the rules correctly. I just want to make sure that if I join I'll follow it to the "T".

-The limit is $10 but I can go over if I want to right? Right

-The due date is July 13th? Do I need to send to my secret sister before then or there is another date? I'm confused on this part. I also understand that I need to send directly to my secret sister instead of the host right? The due date is the only date and it has to be to your on or before then and you will be sending it directly to her. Sometimes we order everything and have it sent straight to her to save on double shipping.

-All I have to do to join is PM you my name and addy and the completed survey and then I will receive from you the name and survey from my secret sister? Make sure you put your screen name on your survey as well and you will recv the same info for your secret sister.

Also, I know that once I sent my package I need to post it here for tracking purposes with a picture of course and also know that I need to JCI once a week at least. Now a quick question, is this a monthly swap or if I join this month and then can't join for the following can I opt out? You don't need to post of pic of the package that you send, just the package that you receive from your sister. You do post that you have sent it out though. This is a monthly swap and you can sit out any month that you want. You are only obligated to the month that you say you are in for.

Pam, I hope you don't mind me answering her questions. Let me know if I got anything wrong.

Hey Auntie!!

If you ladies don't mind having me in for this month I'd love to sign up please. Once I get confirmation that I'm in, I will PM the host my survey. I figure, let me try and see how I like it!

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