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Wow we got some new names great. GIGIGI30 we won't be sorry you joined. Yes our limit is $10 but most of us go over. You will get your secret pals name via PM from me. We don't tell anyone who we have, but make sure the package has your name on it when you ship it so she knows who sent it to her. Then your pal will post a picture of the items you sent her. We just ask that you post that you sent your package out on here but don't mention to whom. I try to keep track of when sent and recvd their packages. Then I update the 1st page. Any questions please ask someone here will answer you. Or if you want you can call me directly. Just let me know and I will PM you my home number.

I went to a scrapbook convention/sale I went nuts. Now I have to put it all to use. I iwsh I would have known who my next pal would be because I could have shopped more.

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