Username Post: Closed..stop by to join the next one.. SWAP 6 $10+ Stash Swap
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YAY Ellen im sooooo glad to see you here!!!!

Yay, Yay YAY! If I get you as a pal or vise versa I know we'll both be spoiled I pray I get a decent pal this time, the last 2 secret pals were no good

So far it looks like a faithful good group YAY YAY YAY!!!

Cant wait to see whom my pal is, shes gonna get it. I have a deep urge to love on someone :P

PJ Im sooo greatful for your wishlist rule!!! I do usually fall off the list ONLY after getting what my pal wants off her list. I chat with my pal so much I find other things she might want but didnt see on, or may have never thought about LOL! But ALWAYS something pal says she wants BEFORE I buy ... never throw in extra "stash" because I wouldnt want that being done to me!!

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