Username Post: Anybody working on anything this weekend & week?
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My several-day project was Cricut-cutting things out for my youngest daughter who teaches 1st grade. She needed some things cut for end-of-the-year booklets that all the parents get. I wish my kids' teachers had made these books. They have work from all year, showing what all was learned. The covers are laminated and then the book is bound. One part of the cover cut-out had the student's name, so that meant I had to make changes for each cutting.

While working on it, I was also "working" on my current LO in my head...figuring out how I wanted to do it. Now I can finally work on it and it seems like I'm brain dead. I also received a big order in the mail, so I need to put that stuff away. I really need to quit thinking about scrapping and DO IT!

I bet the parents will just love it! What a great idea! It is great you were able to cut that for her. I bet the parents will wonder if she cut all of those by hand. I am sorry you are brain dead. I hope you are better now.

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