Username Post: Am I Missing Something?
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I dont use the blending tool at all....

I use something much more simple and cheaper. I use bottle caps from the sodabottles. On the bottlecaps, I stick those felt circles that is normally used under furniture to avoid scratches on the woodfloors.
They last long, and keep the inks well.
Another thing I love about that, if I want to ink just tiny areas like a small corner, its much more easier to do just that one area. I only have to change the felt piece every so often. I can make it wet and it still stays the same.
Not sure if you guys have the same felt circles tho but here I buy one pack with about 30 circles in them for just 50 cents... and people always have bottlecaps.
Not the metal kinds tho, the plastic ones that are on the big soda bottles like Coca Cola, Pepsi ect....

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