Username Post: What supply do you still wish you had bought?
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  • Seaexplore Said:

Cindy - what do you use those buttons on? I bought a bunch (because they were on clearance and I liked them) but have yet to use them on ANYTHING, 3 years later.

Guess I better figure that out. So maybe some flower centers. Now i'll have to go buy some paper to match them. lol I'm enabling my self!

  • aquabunny Said:
  • Cindyckj Said:
I had always wanted to buy that sizzix personal die cutter. It got such horrible reviews and now i'm so glad I didn't buy it. It was that red/pink and white one.

Um, who was giving the Big Shot/Big Kick bad reviews? It's pretty great if manual die-cutting is your thing.

The one i'm talking about was the one that came out right before the cricut I think and at the time they had only come out with the manual cutters like the red and white one and the sidekick. The one i'm talking about had cartridges and books and people complained about the size and were really dissappointed with the sticky pad that came out with it.

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