Username Post: Your best garage/yard sale scrapbooking finds?
Henri Jean
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Henri Jean

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I have tons and tons of American Fostoria. Service with everything for 16 plus two different sizes in pedistal punchbowls and I don't know how many salad bowls and other things. My mantel is lined with American Fostoria flower vases. Someday I will inventory what we have but to be honest, I don't know what some of the pieces are. Recently Bill bought me the large wedding bowl with cover.

We really use it a lot. Its pretty on display but we use it too.

He also just bought me the small soup bowl with handles - I never knew that one existed.

Which depression do you collect Charlene? I'm particulary fond of the ruby red but have never bought any pieces in it.

My best friend collects Heisey Orchid and I buy a lot of that for her too.

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