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I am working on a 2-pager for my grandma who passed away in Feb.

She was told in January that she had a year, max, to live. The picture I am scrapping is of her right after she found this out.

I had a new winter hat that everyone in my family hated. We were at my aunt's with grandma, and when my aunt went to her closet to get me another hat to wear (pleading with me to not wear the "ugly" one), grandma snatched the hat and was goofing off in it. It makes a great picture. It has to be a 2-pager cause of all the journaling that goes with it.

Grandma was like that right up till the end: joking and laughing. I told my mom that grandma taught us how to die. This picture is especially precious to me, and I want the spread to be absolutely perfect. Up until now, I didn't feel I could scrap it, but I think i'm ready now.


Oh Kim, You have my deepest sympathies. This is such a touching story. I am so glad that you see it as her way of showing you how to die. She sounds like a very special woman. I am glad that you are able to work on the page now. I think you are a special woman to scrap her story for everyone to see in your family & friends. I looked at the page. I think it is PERFECT!! I left you some love. I hope it makes you feel a bit better now that you have scrapped it.

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