Username Post: Anybody working on anything this weekend & week?
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Hello dear friends, Things are moving quickly here. We listed our home & got 5 offers right away. It looks like it will sell asap. I thought it would take a month or 2. We have been working on the house & I have been scrapping when I can. We can no longer take care of it & it costs more than we can afford now that dh has gone on retirement. It is 2 acres.
It needs lots of work on the house too. I am ok with moving but this was my childhood home. I watched my Daddy lay every brick. This is still heart breakiing to me. My sweet husband has been forcing me to go to crops and meet my friend to crop at Archivers as often as we can because he know I am very sad & he knows it gets my mind off of things.
Today I have some boxes of memorablia to file in my storage boxes. I also have 3 drawers that have my old work pics & memorablia in the along with other stuff so I have to go through all of those & find a space in my boxes for them. I have a plastic tub full of photos mostly. I have to do the same thing & put them in photo boxes.
I am sorry I have been such a Debbie Downer lately.
What are you guys doing?

This is a very difficult thing to go through,,,,

I'm sorry After my dad died, my mom sold our family home,,,,,basically for the land (which was worth far more than the house, being that the property was on a lake),,,,,

they ripped it down and built a HUGE house in it's stead,,,,,,,,,,,still makes me cry when I pass it the brick BBQ my dad built is still in the back yard, though,,,,,and I smile when I see it, I watched him lay all the bricks for that too.

This week I'm making graduation cards, finishing a mini album,,,,,,,and practicing coloring with pencils and baby oil, which I am loving.

I do hope the cropping is helping you deal with the grief,,,,

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