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  • lynev on 06-06-12 03:06 PM

    In response to Henri Jean

I have only had my Slice for 2 weeks and have found that the fully charged battery starts losing power after only a few cuts.
The signs of this are random cuts, partial cutting or not cutting at all.
I am still 'testing' it but am tending to the same opinion as HenriJean with leaving the Slice plugged in all the time when using it.
The machine does run out of power very quickly.

Having major issues with one card at present-Vintage findings- it's cutting flowers instead of swirls and cutting shapes instead of flowers. Funny thing is that it does cut some of the designs no problem.
My partiular machine has problems with the blade housing as it tends to move in and out. Making Memories is sending me a replacement housing unit.

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