Username Post: Thinking about trading my Pazzles Inspiration for a Silhouette Cameo
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Hi. I realize I am rather late to this post, but I do want to give some information for people who might read it later.

Pazzles Inspiration and Cricut are not made by the same manufacturer, nor the same designer, and the blades and mats are not the same either. Chris Vander Woude, founder of Pazzles, invented many of the features you see in electronic die cutters. Because of this, Pazzles had a relationship with Provo Craft many many years ago, where they licensed features from us. This relationship no longer exists.

We do not recommend using blades and mats interchangeably between the two systems.

If you are having trouble using your Pazzles Inspiration Studio software, I recommend calling our customer service at 1-866-PAZZLES between 8am and 5pm MST. Any questions you have, they can answer. You may also email to [email protected], or use the Live Chat on We are more than happy to support you in use of the Inspiration Studio software, and want your experience to be as pleasant as possible.

Some people prefer to use Sure Cuts a Lot (SCAL) or Make-the-Cut (MTC) instead of the Pazzles Inspiration Studio software. Perhaps this is the case for you? Unlike other companies, we do not discourage our customers from using their software of choice -- we will not void your warranty for using SCAL or MTC. Unfortunately, we can't provide phone support for alternative software -- we have suggestions for how to use it, but actual technical support for alternative software would need to come from the software provider.

The print-and-cut feature was mentioned, and for learning to do that, I recommend watching this video: It's true we don't utilize a laser registration mark detection system, but it's not needed. You will get very accurate print and cuts with the Pazzles Inspiration if you follow the method shown in the video.

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