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I've been doing some reading and it definitly seems like the 3 ring binder is they only chance I have of getting this all in one book. I really want it to all be in one book, so when I share it I can show people, this was my semester abroad not here's part 1 part 2 etc.

I probably would be easier to start with something smaller but this is something I've been seeing in my head since before I studied abroad and now that I've finally got it organized I have to start with this, I just really really want to get going on it and finish it. I guess for the most part a lot of my stuff can always be reprinted or a layout tossed out if I don't like it and just start over (I orginally thought all pages were bound and if you messed up you could rip that page out but you would be able to always tell the page was ripped out, and that you had to plan out each and every page order because they couldn't be moved around). I now know this is only true with certian scrapbooks and if I do the 3 ring I will have a lot of flexability, which takes off some of the pressure to be perfect although I'm sure I will still expereience some frustration when I can't get it to look exactly like it does in my head!

Now I'm wondering about my blog posts, they will definitly have to be printed off my computer because my handwriting is horrible but I am now trying to find different ways and ideas of getting large amounts of journaling into my layouts (I already know I do not want hidden journaling) One thing I read about that seemed pretty cool but had mixed reviews was some sort of clear sticky stuff that you can print on from the computer and then put on your pages... does anyone know what I am talking about?? I can't for the life of me remember what it was called.

Again any other advice is greatly appreciated! I'm going shopping this week for all of my stuff to start. So far I am planning on getting paper, cardstock (although I'm still not 100% sure of the difference between those two, I mean I know one is thicker but do you use them for specifically different things or are they interchangable?)also getting a cutter (hopefully this will really help me because I am horrible at cutting straight lines and measuring stuff) glue and probably whatever else catches my eye. I am not planning of getting an album quite yet unless I fall in love with one, that is partially why it has taken me so long to start this is that I wanted to find the perfect album and never could thankfully now I realize I don't need the album to actually begin! I also don't think I'll be getting a lot of embelishments especially this first shopping trip because I think I will be able to make my layouts work in a way that I want just with paper, cutting it and how I lay it out.

One thing though that seems to be pretty common is that a lot of people regret some of those buys during their first trip to get their scrapping stuff so I am trying to avoid that!

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