Username Post: July-September Secret Sisters...closed for this round
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Victoria I'm so happy you are in again! You are so much fun in the swap...your sketches are gorgeous and I just love hearing about what is going on with you!

Megan Ann~I didn't realize you had been in so long but I feel like I've known you forever too! I'm so happy you are in the swap.

Shatema~I am thrilled to death that you feel like you belong here! I am happy that you are joining in again!

Imelda~you have to be one of the sweetest sisters around! Love you joining in!

Janie~I'm so happy you are joining in and we get to know you even better! I have truly enjoyed you this round!

And Shana~it's so good you are back! Glad you were signed up right away and that you stayed around and chatted with us all this round too!

I'm just tickled pink that people join in and that this swap is always so much fun!

I adore all of you ladies!

Have a good week!


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