Username Post: CuttleBug Vs. Big Shot???
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I love my little CB. I've had mine for about 4 years now. I do ike the big shot as well. I haven't gotten the big shot b/c I just don't have the space. I find my CB does what I want it to do, other friend who used to sell stamping up told me these texture plates I got would work in my cuddlebug, and they don't Mostly b/c I know I need some sort of shim, but when I experimented with this at my local store I scrap at frequently (doing what I had seen others do with these exact same plates) I exploded their CB! I mean, literally, it sounded like a shot gun went off and the whole side blew out and hit the wall! So I'm a little hesitent when it starts to feel tight like it can...when too tight is tooooo much!

either way, you can't go wrong!

If I decide to upgrade, it might be the Big Shot Pro (you day when I have a house and a bigger scrapper space). I love the idea of embossing to 12x12!

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