Username Post: ~*~JULY 2012~*~ Anything Goes Challenge!!! Sign up until 7/10/12!
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Thank you kdsmommy for coming up with the JULY Monthly!!!!!!!!!

Monthly Challenge – July


It never fails! When I have time to scrap and the gumption to make some magic happen, I get scrapper’s block and cannot for the life of me decide what, how, and who to scrap. For this month’s AGC CHALLENGE, make a list of your favorite ways to fight scrapper’s block!

For 1-10 ideas take +150 points; for 11-20 ideas take +250 points; for 21 or more ideas take +350 points.

For extra points – use your ideas to fight the block in a layout or card or other project for +50 points each example up to 5 examples. Make sure that when you post your JULY Monthly (or ½ monthly) Challenge you post your list and then pictures of your examples with the example labeled in the description so that we can all see how you used it.

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