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This swap is a cross between a LETTER OF THE WORD (LOTW) swap and the FREECYCLE swap that Ms. Pebbles hosts. It was inspired by a few of us who thought it would be nice to share Cricut die cuts.

THIS IS A GRANT-A-WISH SWAP, AND YOU DON’T HAVE TO SUBMIT DIE CUTS IN ORDER TO RECEIVE THEM. But if you are able to submit, that will make our selections even more plentiful. Here are the details:

The first post below, entitled "CARTRIDGES", contains the names of cartridges owned along with the owner's name. This is not a mandatory aspect of this swap but may be helpful to those needing images to see what's available. If you own any Cricut cartridges, list them and I will add them to that post. If you don't want to list your cartridges, but see a "wish" that you can grant, you are encouraged to do so.

The next post, entitled "WISHES", contains wish lists of Cricut die cuts desired by our fellow scrappers. Anyone can post their wish(es) here. It can be a general wish (for example, "I'd like a frog image cut at 1.5" in green."); or a specific wish (for example, "I'd like a rubber ducky cut at 3" in yellow & orange from the A Child's Year cartridge). Be sure to include what size you would like the image cut at as well as your color preference(s) and the name of the cartridge, if known. Some images may be layered, so be sure to list contrasting colors where applicable. PLEASE NOTE: Colors will vary since they will be coming from cardstock in the creator’s stash, but will be as close as the creator can get to your expectations. If you need a specific, exact color, you are welcome to provide the cardstock to the creator.

A couple websites that you can go to in order to see what images are on some of the cartridges are as follows: tridges-183... (this one’s great because it includes a link to a digital handbook for each cartridge showing all images and functions available) and .(Obviously, cake cartridges are not included in this swap.)

When you can grant someone's wish, post it on the main thread so that eveyone will know that wish is being granted and no one else will attempt to grant it as well. You may work out the color and size details on this thread or via Private Message.

There will be a limit of five (5) requests per month per person. If you need multiples of any one image, you can only receive up to five (5) in one month, unless you work it out privately with the person granting your wish. Otherwise, you can repeat your wish the next month. I will track how many wishes you have left for the month and will update both posts daily (or so).

More details:
• Cuts must be made from cardstock.
• Layered cuts do not have to be assembled before sending.
• If you have a hard time cutting intricate die cuts, please let me know up front and I will note that. I have this problem myself, so I won’t be able to offer to cut detailed images.
You must mail within two (2) weeks of granting someone’s wish. Please post when you have mailed so the recipient knows to be on the lookout.
• The costs for postage and mailing envelopes are on the sender; no one will be expected to pay for the images to be sent to them.
• This will be an ongoing swap until it fades out and/or loses interest at which time I will announce a closing date so everyone can get their last-minute requests in.

Please share any ideas and/or suggestions; I will take them all into consideration.

Please check wish lists often and help out a scrapper in need by granting their wish if you can, and check in often for updates. Thank You!

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This section will be for anyone who has images that are already cut and who would like to offer them up to share. Just post a picture of what you have; anyone can request to receive them - first come, first serve.

images will be listed here

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