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i heart scrapping 2 WISHES LEFT FOR AUGUST
Winter Wonderland-church-5”-1 image in tan & brown w/red door GRANTED BY MWENDT7/RECD
Love You a Latte-glass coffee pot stamp-1-1.5”-tan & brown
Love you a Latte – Love You a Latte stamp – 1-1.5” – tan & brown
Love you a Latte – tea pot w/heart – 1-1.5”-blues
Love you a latte – tea for two sq-1-1.5” – blues
Love you a latte – have a cup sq – 1-1.5” – tan & brown; Love You a Latte stamp - 2" - creator's choice of colors; Tea Time - 2" - creator's choice of colorsGRANTED BY OFF DUTY EDUCATOR
Baby Shower – hot air balloon-5”- 5 images-one each in red, blue, green, purple, yellow
Snow Friends – 1 of each snowman – 2-2.5”-creator’s choice of clothing and colors, mixed up GRANTED BY TEXLADY

What I would like is some frames from the fancy frames... I think thats what's its called...
In white so I can ink them to the color I want. And different sizes for photos....
3x5, 4x6, 5x7....

RN2007 - 3 WISHES IN AUG~B is for Boy - I'd like the ring stack maybe 3" tall if that's possible. Please do 1 each of red, green, blue and yellow. Does it have layers or do I need 4 cuts?
~B is for Boy - "first tooth" in some shade of blue, primary would be best if possible.
~B is for Boy - "owie" in red apx 4 inches long
~B is for Boy - the a band-aid apx 2 1/2 inches long with a band-aid color layer and the white middle.
*Just in case someone has the Canada cart
~The Canadian flag - in the wind size apx 4" - in flag colors (red & white)
~Map of British Columbia - Red on Brown - as big as you can get and still reasonably mail.
~Canada Eh - red on brown, not sure how the size will work out but something around 6 inches across red on brown
50 States -
The state of Colorado - Forest green on brown - as large as you can make it and still be able to reasonably mail.
The state of Utah - light tan on brown - as large as you can make it and still be able to reasonably mail. Wrap it Up -
Diploma - orange and dark blue or navy - would like 2 apx 4 inches each

~I would like 5 state of Oregon in white cdstk. 2 inches Please send the relief also. GRANTED BY I HEART SCRAPPING
~Fancy Frame Cart. 2 frames you think would cut well that would fit on a 4x5 card. and 3 frames that would fit on 5x7 card. White or off white as I will color them for what I want.
~The creative memories travel cart. 2 suitcases and 3 suns. They can be all different or the same.
~Close to my heart. 5 of the borders in different colors and 4 or 5 inches long.
~Wild card two. Bee, lion, sheep, owl and
fox. Something that would fit on a 4x5 card.

I need an Alaska in a darker blue two to three inches. GRANTED BY I HEART SCRAPPING
I would like any five wedding related cuts. I am giving a scrapbooking coworker an album and embellishments for a wedding present. Stick with black, white, and cream
2 to 3 inches.

If anyone has Fast Food I would Love a 4 inch pizza slice with pepperoni
And I would also love a 4 inch ribbon from the pink cartridge (breast cancer) in pink GRANTED BY SCRAPPINLILLY/RECD

Can anyone give me a baby girl and a toddler girl in white is fine, 3-4 inches. GRANTED BY MWENDT7/RECD
three skulls at four inches
Can someone make me some flowers. It doesn't matter what kind or what size and as many as you want its for a canvas project i am working on GRANTED BY TCLETOADDISON

corn dogs from Fast food size 4"
cricut expression from cricut everyday size 4" color red w/ gray ends
Mr. & Mrs. Claus from quilted christmas size 4.5" GRANTED BY CINJ/RECD

5 skulls from lifes a beach cut from 4-6inches on black carstock GRANTED BY MWENDT7

anything hello kitty - 2-4" - in white, black, and pink as main colors and any other color you need to use will be fine ty

hotroding scrapbooker
from the Life's a Beach cartridge I would like a lighthouse cut. The main portion of the lighthouse in a white or off white with the accents cut in dark red and/or dark blue. Size I would like it between 9-1/4" and 11-1/4" tall (whatever can be fit well for mailing)


Are there any christmas tress or pines cuts? GRANTED BY TEXLADY
I have not had a chance to look up every cart. but if there are any with fairies. I would love some. GRANTED BY MWENDT7
Ashlyn’s Alphabet Capital L in Blue w/green shadow
Capital W black grn shadow 2
Tinker bell Fairey - mwendt
~Happy Haunting Ghost 2.5 white
~The Best Images of 2007 books 2.5 brown and white
~witches hat from Happy Hauntings 2inch
~" " monster from mini monsters 2.5inch
~witches boot from Happy Hauntings 2inch

library pockets and mini file folders. Primary colors. A variety of sizes.

we have a German exchange student coming to stay with us the first couple weeks of October and, for a gift, I want to make a small scrapbook for her. I could use anything "American", colors don't really matter. All I have that's "American" is really 4th of July themed. Doesn't have to be flags, food, football...anything.[/color] GRANTED BY CINJ & SCRAPBOOKINGTEACHER

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