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Just as I suspected, it was a bunch of "youngins" last night, but we actually had a pretty good time. The club was really "me" with lots of fun decorative elements, lots of black & white damask prints with bright pink and turquoise. Several of my girlfriends laughed when they walked in, saying "this is sooooo Tanya! She's going to love it!" And I did.

There was the typical young crowd, all out to see or be seen - tipsy little college girls teetering around in sky high heels that didn't fit them, and faux-hipster dudes checking them all out. Our group of old married folks had an area marked off with a couch and several chairs (all very colorfully painted and nice fabric seats), and we mostly hung around there. The dance floor was super crowded, so we just danced where we were and made a good time of it. I think we all had fun, except that it was SUPER loud ... and we all recalled the old expression ... "if it's too loud, then you're too old," and decided since none of us had oxygen tanks or walkers yet, we were OK to be there, LOL.

This morning though is another story. My ears are still ringing, my feet are killing me, my lower back is tight ... but luckily I don't have a hangover! YAY! Now to get some layouts done while the house is still quiet ....

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