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Yeah, I don't really understand how they work their business?
If they know people are ordering these machines, then why don't they order more, so they will have some on hand?
Anyway, hope yours doesn't turn into such a long wait.
I still think it was worth the wait. I would rather save the money- I'm cheap!

Yeah, I heard you there! I've ordered from them a few times with no issues but always have been small items, pp and stuff. Now, they know they have the best prices for the Cameo out there and know people are crazy buying it so like you said, why not plan accordingly? Every time I look in there for "hot" items or something that they have a very good sale going, it's always back order or sold out....Isn't that tell you something? In business, that's scary!!

Now, as per "cheap" no no....Frugal is what it is...And if you ask me, nothing wrong with that. I'm all up for!!

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