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I would not get the Ford Focus unless you are going brand new.

This. I bought a used one in 2002 (it was a 2000), and it needed major engine repair in 2004. That's ********. I waited until the check engine light went off one day and traded it in for a jeep liberty that I loved but it was a lease so I had to turn it back in. When I traded in my then 4 year old Focus I only got 500 for trade in. It was only 4 years old!!

Now I have a Nissan Rogue and love it!!! DH has a Nissan Titan. We will only own Nissans from here on out. They're super reliable and they run forever. My first car when I was 16 was a used and old Toyota and that thing would never die and it had tons and tons of miles on it.

IMO, you should get a used but reliable Nissan or Toyota. They run forever. If you get a used one, make sure you get a certified one.

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