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Our cars all are parked at our house on 1/3 acre! We have the vette and sequoia in the garage with out sanger wakeboard boat and DH's motorcycle. The Intrepid lives in the driveway with the t-100. On the side of the house is DH's cargo trailer for work and his restored 73 Dodge Power wagon w-100 with a cover. We have too many cars. There's also an old 40's Mercedes parked out at his dad's 100 acres for us to restore if we want it. We just don't have space. :(. I keep telling DH that we need it, he keeps telling me we have no money and no space.

Keep us posted on what you go with. I love being up high but cornering in the higher cars sucks. My Intrepid corners pretty well for a behemoth of a car.

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