Username Post: :cry: HELP Please if u can... I need something in my life to go right :cry:
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Hi Kath, I am Sorry so much is not going right for you! Maybe I can help a little. I have questions tho so I understand what you need...
1) Are the match book pads like a paper pad? I have something similar with a pen but they are 3 x 4 inches about. I have 2 new ones if you would like them I would mail them to you! They actually look like the could be easy to copy if you have the note pads.
2)Are you wanting to make the little matchbook pads? I have done something similar before and it is pretty easy. I used card stock. Measure the paper pad(I used post it note pads), double the height(the part that will fold over the top) and add 1/8 inch all around. add 1/2 inch to the length so you will have a bit of over hang for the tuck in place. Put the pad onto the card stock you cut, I place the pad at the top, then slide it down one length, so the biggest space is above the top. Then fold up the bottom piece which should cover it half way. Then fold down the top over the bottom piece. Crease the top and bottom sides to make it form to the paper pad. Draw a light pencil line where you want the tuck in space to be and use an exacto or a paper trimmer to make that slit. If you are happy with the way it forms to the pad, glue down the paper pad and tuck the flap in and let the glue dry and you are finished! I could show you better with photos maybe but have never done it before so it may look lame . I am willing to try if you wish me to Just say so.
Big Hugs for the loss of your Mom and Son I lost my Dad and Mom in 2005 and 2006 and still feel it for sure. But I am sure those we lost would like us to keep trying in our lives and go on!
Let me know what I can help with and I will do whatever I can...I could make matchbook covers for you if I knew what size too

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