Username Post: Anybody else sewing??
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Just wondering who else is doing any sewing projects lately. I made a new friend online who has a business that works to help animal shelters and donates toys, catnip, treats various items for cats and kittens. she prefers only to do this for cats but also loves dogs. I make catnip toys for her to donate ans so that is what I have been working on...intill I run out of cotton scraps any way. it is fun ans since I grow my own catnip it is easy to do and fun for me to keep me from getting into trouble!
Also working on:
Making my own flannel PJ's for when Winter starts!
repairing our work clothes (patching mostly)
making fabric gift bags for the local charities to sell.
making snowmen wall hangings to sell at Holiday bazaars.

So, what are the other seamstresses creating or repairing or wanting to sew when you have a few minutes to do so?? Just thought I would ask because I like to know what else is out there in the creative sewing world

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