Username Post: What are these & how do I use them?
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Yes, Coluzzle templates.

You'll need a swivel tip craft knife and foam mat to use it. I don't have an 'official' Coluzzle mat, but use the foam from the inside of a padded envelope.
FYI - the Coluzzle has been discontinued, so it may be a challenge to find any accessories.

It would be difficult to use as a stencil, because the space is really only big enough for a knife blade.

It was tough for me to get the hang of using mine. Once I mastered the knife technique, I LOVE mine.
I have to disagree with the woman on the video about using the knife at an angle. I find it works best to have the knife at a 90* angle to the template (straight up and down). If you angle your knife, it's too easy to cut in to the template.

Have fun!

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