Username Post: Virtual Christmas Card Idea Swap/Challenge
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Sorry guys! Yes, this is more a challenge than a swap. Just a swap of ideas, so post pictures or links to pictures of your cards.

I was thinking (and this is really a group decision) that a once a week or every other week challenge would be good. Just depends on how much free time everyone has to devote to this. Also, I was planning on coming up with some sort of them for each one, such as: use a certain color, a certain design element (snowman, tree, etc.), a certain layout... you get the idea. Anyway, after posting the challenge (which we can post on Sundays or something) everyone who wants to participate in that challenge will have until the next Sunday (or two weeks from then if we chose that) to post their pictures of their cards.

This is just to help everyone get new ideas for making Christmas/holiday cards and to help you build up your stash to send out this Christmas!

As for how many we would be making... that is up to you. I plan on doing one every week or two until Christmas... so how every many that is.. if you want to participate in all of them. If not, no pressure! Just do the ones you want and come back often to get new ideas even if you didn't participate! I will also be posting my pictures on my blog.

Hopefully that answers a few questions.

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