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I have a short wishlist of things I wish you could come up with in your spare time.

1. A like button for the comments...I've heard lots of people say they've automatically looked for it :>)

2. A Me Too button for the be used a little differently from the Like button. Like would mean...well, the comment was liked. Me Too would keep us from typing duplications of things when we're just trying to say "Ditto". After all, we're busy crafters and shoppers. You do want us to have more shopping time for your site, don't you?

3. In the gallery, PLEASE let us arrange our photos in the order we want them within our own albums. I have pics of lo's that I've never posted because they don't make sense when they're all out of order. I understand them being "out of order" when they're uploaded to the main gallery, but once we get them in our own little album, couldn't we move them the way they should be?

My wishlist to you is shorter than my letter to Santa, but I'll probably think of a few other wishes over time. I bet some other members could come up with wishes also. We'd all hate for you to be bored with nothing to do~

Thanks for giving us a fun place to make new friends, spend money, and for giving us ideas to help our sometimes-not-too-creativ e brains get back on track. ~Judy

P.S. Wish #4: To not have a random space thrown into my comments. In the preview no space is shown before the "e" in "creative" in the above paragraph, but there it is. However, this wish goes way at the bottom of importance

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