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I also hit the submit button one at a time so they go into the gallery the order I want them in. I scrap chronologically so no problem for me there.

Sometimes I will go back in my gallery 8 or 10 pages and find a comment someone left. I hate not seeing all the love left in my gallery but if I post an old layout on a thread to show an example it will sometimes get love and I won't see it for months.

I would like a something on my activity thread that you shows you a thumbnail of layouts that have love so you can can click on them from there to go directly to it, not scroll through pages looking through it.

I know you can get notifications through email but I tried that and I didn't like getting so manyu emails. Especially on my phone. I just want to be able to look at my page and see which layouts have comments so I can go directly into each one.

It shows the layouts all my friends commented on and I never even glance at that. It just isn't important what layouts my friends commented on and I never check that. I'd rather have that space filled with my layouts that have comments so I don't have to search through my gallery. It takes a long time to go all the way back.

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