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Hi ladies this swap is a small swap....which I started before I open another Graphic 45 Swap in Sept. Scrapwriter/Bren was the one who gave me the idea....On page four of this swap is some samples for your inspiration.

This is a swap where you alter a mini canvas. The canvas is 4x4 or 2x4 in white or black is fine, you can purchase in M's, you also have to include a easel/stand which is also sold in M's or make your own of wood or metal any color.. I have included a picture of it.
Mini Canvas and Stand..... By Martica

I will list groups and all you have to do is one canvas for each group you join. If you would like me to add another group let me know. I will partner you all up on Aug 18.

The deadline is Week of Sept 24th...That means it needs to be sent that week

Here is a link to sample canvas that I saw in Google

posted canvas picture
received canvas from ss


Shabby Chic (Is the light colors usually pink and white, very feminine)

1. Martica Sassie
2. Tracy F Dixie Leah
3. Sassie Tracy F
4. Dixie Leah Belkys
5. StormyDog Bobbij
6. Bobbie Martica
7. Belkys StormyDog

4x4 altered canvas for Swap By Bobbij

canvas 4x4 Shabby chic Swap By Stormydog

ATC canvas swap- shabby chic By Sassie

Mini canvas By Dixie Leah

Mini Canvas By Tracy F

canvas By Belkys

Mini Canvas 4x4/Shabby Chic By Martica

Inspirational (Add a quote, verse)

1. Nanasan Star77
2. Iheartscrapping Naneetootie/Bon
3. Martica Lorna Lee
4. Lorna Lee Sassie
5. Babygirl I heart scrapping
6. KatieMyLady CraftyTwin
7. Tracy F Scrappy_Day
8. Star77 Nanasan
9. Scrapsmart KatieMyLady
10. NanneeTootie/Bon Babygirl
11. Sassie Melissa Birlem
12. Melissa Birlem Tracy F
13. CraftyTwin Scrap Smart
14. Scrappy Day Martica

Inspirational Canvas for Martica's Canvas swap By I Heart Scrapping

Altered Mini Canvas - Inspirational By Nanasan

Inspirational Mini Canvas By Lorna Lee

Inspirational Mini Canvas By Scrap Smart


Inspiration Canvas By Babigirl

Inspirational Canvas - Martica's Swap By Melissa Birlem

inspirational By Star77

Inspirational Altered Canvas By Katiemylady

Inspirational Mini Canvas 4x4 By Martica

Inspirational Altered Canvas for swap By Scrappy_day

Inspiration Mini Canvas By Tracy F

Altered Canvas for the swap w/Martica By Sassie

Inspirational Mini Album For Swap By Martica

Vintage (looks old,antique)

1. KatieMyLady Pam In Tx
2. Star77 Pam In Tx
3. Sassie Star77
4. ScrapSmart.
5. Pam In Tx Nanasan
6. Scrappy Day KatieMyLady
7. Nanasan Scrap Smart
8. Pam In TX(2) Scrappy_Day

Altered Mini Canvas - Vintage By Nanasan

Prima Almanac Altered Canvas By Scrap Smart

Vintage Altered Canvas By Katiemylady

Vintage Altered Canvas for Swap By Scrappy_day

Vintage mini canvas #2 By Pam In TX

Vintage canvas ATC swap - By Sassie

Vintage mini canvas By Pam In TX

no title By Star77

Victorian (Pearls,lace 1800's era)

1. Dixie Leah Provinca
2. StormyDog Dixie Leah
3. Provinca StormyDog

Mini Canvas 4x4/Shabby Chic By Stormydog

Mini canvas By Dixie Leah

Altered Canvas - Victorian By Provinca

Steampunk (Industrial)

1.Dawna'sPlace Martica
2. Martica Provinca
3. Vawm DawnasPlace
4. Pam In Texas Vawm
5. Naneetootie/Bon Jacquie
6. Provinca Pam In Tx
7. Pam In TX (2) Bon
8. Jacquie Pam In Tx

Steampunk Mini Canvas By Martica

Stempunk mini canvas By Pam In TX

Stempunk mini Canvas By Pam In TX

Steampunk Altered Canvas By Provinca

Steampunk Mini Canvas By Martica

Steampunk Canvas - Her Year By Vawm

Modern (Anything not vintage) More Abstract.

1. Lorna Lee Melissa Birlem
2. Melissa Birlem Sassie
3. Pam In TX Lorna Lee
4. Sassie PamInTX (lost in mail) will do another one

Modern Canvas - Martica's Swap By Melissa Birlem

Canvas ATC swap - Modern By Sassie

Modern Mini By Pam In TX

Modern Mini Canvas By Lorna Lee

Girly (any color) (feminine, young)

1. Babygirl CraftyTwin
2. Lorna Lee Babygirl
3. CraftyTwin Lorna Lee

Girlie Canvas By Babigirl

***4X4 CANVAS***CUTE By CraftyTwin

Girlie Mini Canvas By Lorna Lee

Retro 50's thru 70's

1. Lorna Lee Nanasan
2. Provinca Bon
3. Nanasan Provinca
4. Naneetootie/Bon Lorna Lee

Altered Mini Canvas - Retro By Nanasan

Mini Retro Canvas By Lorna Lee

Retro Mini Canvas 4x4 By Martica

Kitchen Friends are the Best - Altered Canvas By Provinca

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