Username Post: :cry: HELP Please if u can... I need something in my life to go right :cry:
hesed formerly fibromom
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hesed formerly fibromom

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I'm so sorry for your loss and your suffering with the legs situation. I have debilitating Fibromyalgia (about 30 symptoms to go with that) and have lost 2 careers... going on 3... from it. I love handmade cards and, through a series of events, became a cardmaker myself. While I LOVE surprising Loved Ones by sending cards in their mailboxes, the biggest BLESSING TO ME has been that, when I'm in the DEEP CREATIVE MODE and having to concentrate on the application, THE PAIN IS SOMEWHAT BLOCKED!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe you can get a table that will pull up to the couch or bed (legs elevated) and you can occupy your mind with CREATING STUFF, hence blocking it of all the trauma/pain you are dealing with... You might find some relief... even for just an hour or two!

RE: matchbox book, I have one that is like a mini-album which I use as my template for making more. EXCELLENT WAY to "scrapbook" without actually doing a scrapbook! Also, a way fun way to send pics to Loved Ones.

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