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Ladies we are still waiting on Drayia's cards she is mailing them out again priority, because her darn PO lost her first set. Good thing is they were insured and they had to reimburse her, but all her hard work had to be redone. That truly sucks as we all know when we work hard on our stuff and they disappear. I told her I think her PO has a secret scrapper and she is taking her scrapping goodies at times.

So we will wait to get hers as she has been a friend and swapper/hostess of many swaps and I have made her wait on my stuff before so I am MORE then welling to wait on the new set. IF anyone doesn't want to wait, I can send your cards back to you unswapped if you don't want to wait.

I am finishing up mine as well, I have a few more to sets to make.

If Christy comes back here and checks in and lets me know she is postal then I will swap hers out as well.

Sorry for the delay ladies, but we know that life happens and the PO isn't always the most reliable way to mail anymore. They keep losing packages..ugh. I have had it happen to me several times with handmades and storebought stuff. I have learnt to insure on anything more then $10 worth of stuff.

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