Username Post: What kind of cleaner to use on stamps?
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Thanks for the idea CommaHolly, well I don't have a lot of room in my small bedroom. But I know when I move out. I am going to look for a apartment with two bedrooms. So one can be my photography/art room. My mom even told me if you do move out make sure you get a two bedroom. I said why she said it nice to have the extra space. You can have room to put your computer and photgraphy/ art stuff, lol. But still living at home with the parents still. I am starting to work on my heritage album. Just got done laminating all of the old family death notices and articles for it. Tomorrow going to try my best to redo one album I started but never got to finsih. I also have another question I bought the Bo Bunny Et Cetera collection pack with the 6x6 pad paper. But I was stupid not to look to see if they are acid and liegin free. They don't have it lable on their package. But I assume they are since most paper now are photo/document safe. But I have a ph testing pen will test see if it is acid free. I could even email them and ask them?


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