Username Post: Gallery Love Swap!
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Hey everyone!
I was going through my "activity stream" and noticed that one of my friends had just posted a card and a lo. So I went to her gallery to see her recent creations and leave some "love". That's when I saw that she had actually posted several creations since the last time I saw her in my activity stream. I hadn't noticed the new creations because the activity stream is only but so long before you have to click "see more" and I almost never do! lol
But that's when I got this idea. Everyone loves gallery love and I love seeing everyone's work so please feel free to post your creations, ANY CREATIONS, as well as swaps or challenges that you're hosting or involved in, because I miss out on those as well because I mainly click on "my favorite topics" on the forum drop down window. Poor me!

So bring it on folks!

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