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Thanks binkimonstermom, I do have a question for you and maybe others can give me some questions? I was wondering where do you store your clear block if you have them. I was trying to find ways to store them. So, finally decided to put them in a plastic bag for now. My larger clear block I put back into the package it came in.

Here my blog I updated it so if anyone wants to read it go ahead. I put some pictures of some of my artwork and my lastest post has some stuff I bought.

I have a storage case for all my acrylic blocks too which are sold thru Close To My Heart.

Another tip for cleaning your stamps....NEVER use alcohol based cleansers. This will dry out your stamps and cause the stamps to crack in places.

I use an acrylic stamp cleanser and cleansing pad sold thru CTMH. I also recommend just plain old soap and water to some of my customers. I have had my acrylic stamps for about 7 years or so and have no problems with their image being distorted in any way.

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