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I think we need to remember you can't read tone of voice online. It's allowable to disagree,,,,I also think it depends on what you mean by "hounded". If they are free to state their opinion, then I am free to disagree

if someone states that A is the best way to scrapbook, why is it permissable for them to state their opinion, but not for ME to state that I prefer method B??

I think sometimes, we read tone of voice into a post that isn't there Respect is important,,no doubt about it

I think this forum is increasingly hostile to newbies or people that post things that have been posted before. Like this recent comment for example:

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And who cares? Well, I guess the OP does, but I don't think anybody else cares about what "style" people scrap. There's just no purpose to it.

People here get super mad when talking about certain styles so I'd just leave it alone.

When people post things and others reply with "who cares?" I don't think there's any mistaking the tone.

Also, when people post common themed topics, some regulars seem to just go nuts telling them "we already talked about this so many times" or "this is old news" or whatever. Yeah, that's the nature of online community. We already know the search function here stinks so why would we expect new people to be able to use it to find all the threads that mention what they want to know?

Just seems to me lately that there are folks who want to be argumentative instead of helpful.

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