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Hello everyone!!!

Welcome to August and the One picture Challenge!


~ Your layout must have ONE PICTURE ONLY . If its a 2 page LO, you still need 1 pic on EACH page.

~ Any size of layout, digi or paper, one or 2-pages are allowed.

~ Only ONE layout, per person, can be submitted for judging.

~Please make sure your LO is on the first page. I'm worried I may miss some.

~ You MUST allow public embedding to be entered into the challenge.

**When posting your layout, it MUST link back to your gallery. If I can't click on it, I can't upload it.**

~You can only upload new layouts from the first of the month until the last day of the month at midnight time

~After the challenge has been closed, participants PM me the numbers of your favorite 3 layouts and the number of your layout. You don't need to vote for yourself, you will get a vote from me for PMing your choices. (remember to include the # of your LO in the PM please)

~I will post the public poll on the 3rd day of the next month

~Please leave comments on the layouts entered in the challenge. We all like to receive love.

1. Go to the layout in your gallery.
2. Go to the Share section on the left-hand side and click on ‘Share Anywhere'.
3. Click on 'IMG code' button.
4. Copy and paste the code which starts [url...] into the forum thread.

1. Go to the layout in your gallery.
2. Click on 'Edit Image' tab at the top on the left side of the layout.
3. Scroll down to the bottom left side.
4. Check the box that says, ‘Allow Public Embedding’.

camp wyoka By Leokc34
August Winner:
Sunny Today By Dollscrap
1. Relax By Jen E
2. Tiny Dancer By Vincarash
3. Hello Kitty Birthday Cake By ~{Puppet}~
4. *Swirlydoos* Babybump getting some sun By Helga Lind
5. My Garden By Nannyfeb
6. Yummy By Happy Go Lucky
7. Dad By PalmersMom
8. Beautiful By Dollscrap
9. World Traveler By Seattlerain23
10. 5th Grade By Dkscrapper
11. friends swap-toni By YourScrapAttack
12. Can't take my eyes off you By Just G
13. You + Me **Nuts About Sketches** By MSD
14. True love By MiaFrancis
15. glamorous By Wapygirl
16. Summer Stunner By Blooberry56
17. Great Grandparents - Swirlydoos By Sherrenae
18. Shell Seekers By GentlewoodFarms
19. Panda ~Dusty Attic~ By Craftysprinkles
20. 6 months- Jillibean Soup By Lpeeps
21. Look for the Silver Lining By NMscrapper
22. Full of Wonder By AllAmy
23. Today is Mine To Conquer By Scrapping_in_AK
24. Sister Love By Under5feet
25. You are so loved By Richelle
26. LiVe by example By Nikki Love
27. At the *PATCH* By Sasload4
28. Pi Kappa Alpha By Marcilb
29. Lookin' good By Lamoo12
30. The 3rd Grader By Mia1979
31. Happiness By FinallyMama
32. food coma By Dancinirish90
33. First Day, Fifth grade By AngieO

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