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So i picked up the ott-lamp caddy while it was on sale for 34.99 (dont know if its still for sale or not) but used it less then a handful of times. Pulled it out last night to work on a project & the lightbulb is barley glowing, it kind of clickered a little. I left it on & after about an hour it was "back to normal" which I still think is dull for a $79.99 lamp!

does anyone else's have this issue? Im thinking about returning it to J's and just getting the stand up lamp for about $20 more if that much

Im really super disapointed in this light!! I hope its this model & not the over all concept. I know back years ago when we had our online business we had natrual glow lights. Nor for the life of me can I remeber there true name to see if they are still in business -- but it was a straight lamp with a goose neck anyone remeber? I think we could buy them at like Lowes or Manards, Home depot ect? Anyne rmember --- I need better lighting in the worst way. And all though Im on a spending FREEZE this will break it in a second!

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