Username Post: Whats the best way to copy my old photos?
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It also depends on the quality of photo paper you're using. I have 2 HP printers. For prints that I want top-quality, I use HP's Advanced Photo Paper. It costs more, but so worth it! I have HP's cheaper paper for printing embellishments or things that I don't care if they are the best quality. I think most printer brands have their own paper brands~

When I get around to doing my family heritage pages I also wasn't going to use the original picture, but then I thought...what else am I going to do with the pictures? I'll definitely scan them and save them to several drives, plus put them on DVDs to give to other family members, but I'll probably use the original pics. The only time I'm not planning to use the original is if I want to cut the photo, but if an uncut original is put into a scrapbook, it's where people can enjoy it, protected by the page protector and probably taken better care of than if it's put somewhere in a box. Just a thot ~ Judy

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