Username Post: Silhouette Cameo?
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Hey guys,

I know there a silhouette cameo forum on here. but decided to put my questions on this forum. I am on about to buy a silhouette cameo one I want cames with extra blade and matte and pens it cost 269.99 but it said it'll be shipped in 1 to 3 weeks! There was one where you just get the machine with nothing extra just what comes with the machine. It cost a little least like 249.00. Thinking of buying the 249.00. Here my question I decided to look at the reviews of the machine. Most are all good reviews and some have a list of pros and cons. But there were some that said they had problems with the blade either ripping their paper, not cutting well and even breaking off after the second try. They also said the matted would either go in crooked or not be in useable conition after while. So, I just wanted to see if any of you that own a cameo had any of these problems or problems I had not read on these reviews of the cameo?


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