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I love my craft wagon!

I do pick my embellies before I go though - then I know how to space them.

A lot of ladies take their Cricuts but I just don't want to take mine. I make my titles before the crop.

Then with drywall tape (nothing else works that I know of) I carefull lift the letters without changing the position while the cardstock or paper is still on the mat. That way if one goes wonky and gets out of line, I can put it back in the opening the letter was cut from and lift it again.

When I lift them on drywall tape like they were cut I get the same perfect spacing and even line they had on the mat and cardstock. It is perfect.

I put that on a piece of copy paper or notebook paper and put it with the rest of the things for that page.

When I get to the crop, I peel the drywall tape off the copy paper and the letters are still perfectly straight and perfectly spaced.

I glue the letters with my Zigpen put you could us any glue, and since the drywall tape is so loosely woven, I can see where I want to put the letters. I put down a ruler so I don't have my line of letters running up or down and then just press the letters on. I can put a title down in under 2 minutes!

That helps me a lot at crops - having my titles ready.

Latelyl I've been using sticker letters - I have so many I want to use some and I do that at the crops, I do take those.

And occasionally I use my Slice for letters if I don't have the letters I want on my Cricut. I actually have more letter selection for my Slice and it stays in my crop wagon.

I'm ready to go this weekend! Its been a long time!

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