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Well let everyone know I finally decided to break down and buy myself The Silhouette Cameo I bought it on for 249.00 it had also supper saving. That reason why I like for that reason... lol. If you get anything over 50.00 you get supersaving on shipping and handle. I never order anything off amazon that was no bigger then a medium size box. I hope it comes in ok shape, lol. It should be here sometime next week. It a birthday present to myself. Since my birthday is in two weeks.

I could have bought the one that had the extra matte and blade but that was 269.99 and this was I just order the machine with just the stuff that come in the boxes. I was going to buy it on the offical website. But it was 299.99 I guess it was the same price for it on amazon but I guess they knock down the price to 249.00 decided to go that route. Since I won't feel like I broke the bank and can easily pay it off on the next bill. I have to say I was getting a little bit nervous to push that complete order button. Because I never order anything online that over 200.00 But realize it silly because I did paid around $600.00 on my desktop last year at Staples with a check, lol. But I think the reason now is I am not working at the moment. But I do have a lot of money put away. Why not spent a little here and there if I can.
I am one to watch my money I was few hours ago adding and subtracting the money to see how much I would have left etc.... I have a birthday coming up so I can put some money back in won't have to feel bad. I also have some saving bonds my grandmother gave me back in the late 80s and early 90s. Going to go to a bank that deals with savings bonds and see how much it worth. I guess cash it in and put it in my bank accounts if it enough going to divided it up in both savings and checking.


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