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I love my LSS...great store. I shop there usually when I do big the specialty paper. She has a ton of classes and crops. Always fun to see what's new and exciting.

As for magazines...I like a hard copy too...I find it hard to leaf through a magazine online. Even my grocery store isn't carrying scrapbook magazines anymore. And my target only carries one...and I subscribe to it. I have found some Aussie and England mags at B&N. Those are interesting, but pretty expensive.

I don't think there is any comparison between a big box store and a LSS. I don't know about your big box stores..but the paper they carry is nothing like a LSS. Our BBS doesn't carry any specialty lines..except coordinations. You aren't finding BO Bunny or Graphic 45 in ours. BBS are great for the basics but to get the newest and the quality lines, you need to go to a LSS or order online.

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