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I have a CIS XXL and a P3, both of which I take and work out of. Other stuff gets put up on my table, but it depends on how much room I have. Some crops I've had as few as 3 feet, our weekend getaway crop we'll have EIGHT FEET PER PERSON!! (Can you tell I'm excited?!?!?!)

Inky painty stuff goes on or under the table until needed ( and its ALWAYS needed! )

The more table space you have, the more underneath space you have to store stuff.

I have a rolling tote that I fill with an assortment of all kinds of stuff like embellies, chipboard, fabric, felt, ribbon etc. I leave that in the car and just run out to get what I need as I'm working. I also usually bring my whole basket of Thickers and chippy alphas and leave those in the car too. Oh and a tool box filled with metal trinkets usually comes in. Depends on space.

OK-so basically I bring 2 totes inside and my car becomes my LSS

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