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I am sorry, I mispoke...I have the big shot and the pro, I was thinking of the pro. The pro can cut the same as the cuttlebug and the bigger dies that don't fit in the cuttle or regular bsh. I don't use my pro as much as my regular big shot but the pro can cut the larger dies (12X12) and the larger nesties. I find the pro harder to use because I have to figure out the right sandwhich all the time. I have read that they came out with a platform like the mulitpurpose platform for the regular for the pro which would make it a LOT easier! I don't have it yet but I need to get it. I just hate to drag it off the shelf all the time. The big shot is easier for me to grab. I do take it to crops, so it isn't to heavy.
Manual machines can only cut one size (whatever size the die is) but an electric machine can be sized. I would say the learning curve on an electric machine is a little more than a manual. Manual machines are very easy to use.

Both the cuttlebug and the big shot are great machines. I like the handle on the big shot slightly more than the cuttlebug (the newer version has the fold in handle). Not a big issue but just one difference that I prefer.

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