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  • Doreena Said:
I'm trying to decide if I should wait until January to start using it and then use it to document all of 2013 or start as soon as I get it?
I guess I'll just have to play it by ear.

Why not start using the one you just ordered now and continue using it for whatever you choose to put in it...then order a second one specifically for 2013. Maybe the 2013 more for day to day things that happen, but the other one for thoughts, lists, doodling...whatever.

My 20-yr-old granddaughter has something like 4 or 5 smashbooks + a couple of journals going. Several years ago she wanted to do sbing, so we bought her tons of stuff for Christmas...and it sat in her room. She used some of the paper to make cards, but that was it. Finally she needed the space and money and sold it all to her mom :>) But the smashbooks and journals she's really gotten into.~Judy

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