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I guess my obnoxious e-mail got results. My message topic was Irate Customer and I asked if anyone worked there who could read. I guess they do. I got an apology e-mail back this evening, saying my e-mails had gone into Junk Mail. Hopefully she'll look and see what other customers have sent mail.

I ordered twice, but the second time only one box showed up on my receipt instead of the two that I had in my cart. It was a bummer because shipping is a flat $8.50. I wouldn't have placed the second order for that much shipping.

Anyway, she's combining my order and reimbursing my second shipping. Well, she reimbursed $7.50 instead of $8.50, but I'm going to be happy :>) Later tonight I got a notice that it has shipped. They're located in Vegas, so it shouldn't take long for it to get to San Diego.~Judy

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