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Thank youfor the posts. I have added a picture to my gallery of the frame that I have started. It is not really a mod-podge situation as I am attaching a paper base then strips and frame so that when purchased the customer can slide their own photo inside. I cut these paper frames by hand and as you can imagine it was not fast.The photo size is 2inches so I was looking at various dies on that I could use. I am just not sure about how much repeated use they will take. I want to embellish these frames with real shells and paper beach embellishments.Can anyone suggest various beach themed dies and where to buy.
I did not mention that I am in Nassau, Bahamas so there is no running out to Michaels or anywhere. The small amount of things we have here come at a 300% markup in the craft/cloth shop we have. Most things are ordered online for me.
Thanks Angelina

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