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Oh My Crafts was booted from ebay for a while there.

I had them as a saved seller along with many others and I always put a little note like shipping supplies, jolees and such so I know why I saved that seller.

The not I had by oh my crafts was "duplicate listing violator"

They would have thousands of auctions up of the same things like 800 sizzix big shots. So along with the duplicate listing violation I bet they violated the search and browse manipulation rules as well.

Cause if you looked for a sizzix big shot after seeing hundreds of the same auction from them on purpose so other sellers had no chance of being seen.

They don't have god awful feedback but the bad feedback they do have is mainly for selling items they don't have.I think alot of the feedback has kind of dropped off when they got in trouble.

Now they are down to about 130 auctions instead of thousand. They are still selling scrapbook stuff, and fabric and christmas crackers?

Thanks for the info but I couldn't even find them on eBay. In the past, I've ordered pp and whatnot from them but never again. I even unsubscribe from their newsletter. That's how frustrated and upset I am with the whole experience. Done with OMC!!!

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