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Good afternoon! Woke up late and I'm thinkin it's gonna be a jammie's day! Sitting here with a sweater on!!!!

My sister continues to remain stable. But the future is so uncertain. Just got off the phone with my BIL. He is holding up really well; planning on how he can make her life as comfortable as possible when she comes home. If I'm repeating myself, but, I have always said that my sister's marriage is the best I have ever witnessed. Married almost 50 years and the way my BIL looks at her and she at him brings me to tears. She was able to say a few words to me on the phone today...I told her I was praying to Padre Pio, her favorite saint, and she yelled into the phone "all right!!!!" She made me laugh.

I'm truly surprised that I won for September's photo; the photos entered were so beautiful! Thank you!!!!

My 'good' hand started flaring up a few days ago; seeing a hand dr this week....long story; had an appt with a dr I researched; after waiting a month to see him, his office called last week to say due to some paper work problem, he can't accept medicare. So they referred me to the dr I have an appt with this week. Can't find that much about her online. Doesn't make me happy....don't even know if she will 'touch' me. Seems when dr's find out something went wrong in one hand, they're afraid to come near me!!! Oy

I can't do much crafting lately as neither my hands want to cooperate, nor can I find my muse, but thankfully photography I can do and it brings me pleasure. Look forward to fall photos...both mine and yours!!!!!

Happy Monday

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